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    Low Voltage Distribution

    Medium Voltage Distribution

    Electrical Equipment

    Power Transformer

    Service support

    Jubang group takes the customer demand as the center, providing 360 degree all-around product and service standard. We constantly seek ways to solve problems in R & D, design, management process, market forecast, logistics distribution, after sales service and so on. The effective and integrated team, the flexible and orderly standard cooperation system, professional technical support, meticulous communication and perfect information system, provide the customers with the market analysis and the overall solution of the maximum benefit. Let you have perfect service guarantee in order purchase, installation, commissioning, maintenance and so on, so as to avoid your worries.

    Jubang group state customer care center provides 7x24 hour service hotline and network message. Professional team and experienced technicians will answer any questions in time. Engineering technicians are 24 hours waiting, 36 hours to reach the site service mechanism, and provide you with efficient and professional service.
    Customer center care hotline
    400 8099 777
    181 5777 3011
    Customer demand response
    36 hours
    The technician arrives at the scene
    360 degrees
    One-stop solution
    Committed to technological innovation
    Make electricity supply more reliable, make electricity use more secure.
    Product quotation consultation
    A free consultation
    hotline:400 8099 777



    Jubang science and technology park, wei20 road, leqing economic development zone, zhejiang province

    • phone:+86577 62799786
    • fax:+86577 62799771
    • Email:jubanggroup@163.com
    • web:www.magicamps.net
    • Customer service hotline:400 8099 777